Monday, 11 October 2010

Not quite so free ranging any more

Yesterday evening was the harvest festival in the catheral and celebrated 150 years of RABI.

It was also my last "official" function as Agricultural Chaplain and now I'm not quite so free range any more. I'm roosting at Hanley Broadheath and am licensed next month as Priest in Charge.

Six and a half years as agricultural chaplain has been enormous fun, but parish minstry will also be great fun too.

After the service there were many kind words. I found myself not sure whether I recognised the person they were talking about! As a gift I was given a new camera. It takes high resolution digital photos, but is small enough to slip into a jacket pocket. It was charged up and ready to go and the photo is one of my first attempts with the camera. It's of Chris, the committee chairman and Phil, the vice chair. What's particlurly nice is to see Phil fit and well. He had a significant stroke just a few months ago.

Anyway, as I'm not a free range vicar  I'm not going to continue with this blog, but my Teme Valley Vicar blog will continue.

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